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From The Board
Summary of Voluntary Governing Board Activities

Angela Sewell
Centrepoint Chair 

Updated: 1st November 2013



The October Board meeting had the smallest attendance for some months as John Baker (Operations), Rebecca Shaw (Board Secretary) and Keith Jenkins (Conversations) were all away. Nonetheless the meeting was, as ever productive. All Board members were asked to consider whether they would be willing to stand as Board members at the 2014 AGM. This discussion is held around this time each year so that members who might step forward to fill any known gaps and become Board members can begin to talk to existing Board members about what the role they are interested in might entail. There is always the possibility of a number of people coming forward for a particular role and then the membership will be asked to show their preferences for one candidate over another at the AGM.

The Board talked about the budget process for the year ahead and sections were asked to consider any projects they might like to prioritise for 2014. The details and the costings will be considered at the next Board meeting. The Officers' Group will take responsibility for any areas covered by vacant Board positions, ie PR and Volunteers, considering those needs, and will seek to project income for 2014.

Although not all sections were represented at the meeting every section had been covered by a report. This fosters good communication between sections. Ideas can be shared and agreed. There is nothing significant to report here and all sections seem to be working well.



Dear Members, 

Since the 1st October 2013 new Centrepoint hours have been in operation and it is probably too early to judge whether members are taking advantage of the change. I am aware that some women with children have welcomed the earlier start and now volunteer their time but there doesn't seem to have been any take up of the 17.00 to 19.00 opening and covering that session is a challenge. The message is simple - if you want to access Centrepoint early evening then please do and if you can spare two hours on a monthly basis please offer to sit at the desk and meet and greet fellow members.

I'm pleased that Peter Berrie took up the challenge and is now the Horizon editor and I'm confident the newsletter is in safe hands. He will introduce some changes to the newsletter and one area he hopes to strengthen is ‘Out and About' a section where he will write about some of what is going on in Basel each month. You can all help improve this section by letting the newsletter team know of any up and coming local events that would be of interest to Centrepoint members. Please let Peter and his team know of any events that should be promoted through Horizon by sending an e-mail to newsletter{at} Whilst I'm mentioning the newletter, can I squash a myth – there are no plans to stop sending Horizon out by post. Members are encouraged to access the newsletter electronically as only then can it be seen in colour and it is more impressive in colour but those that enjoy receiving it in the post will continue to do so. 

I have started a discussion with the current Board about what they can commit to in 2014 and know that a number of the current Board will be stepping down next year. A new Board is voted in at the AGM and ideally the membership should always have a choice about who they vote in to each role. All roles are available. As you might imagine I'm exercised by why Board positions are so hard to fill. The financial irregularities that arose during 2011/12 have been addressed and no Board members that has joined the Board since the 2013 AGM has any responsibility for the past. The 2013 Board will be discharged as was normal before 2011/2012 irregularities were discovered. 

One final comment from me, I hope the general membership understand that volunteers are working hard to run Centrepoint well, but all volunteers have other competing pressures on their time so :  
  • replies to e-mails can take time  
  • phone calls outside of opening hours will not be responded to  
  • when there is no volunteer available to open Centrepoint it will be closed 

The above reflects the ongoing need for more volunteers, so rather than criticise, offer to help if you can. Volunteering is fun, offers learning opportunities and keeps boredom at bay. Please seriously consider sharing the work undertaken every week to keep Centrepoint a friendly and welcoming place – the membership is what makes Centrepoint what it is.


Angela Sewell
Centrepoint Chair


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